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Psst. Did you know that emails convert 6X better than social media?🙉

You’ve heard the talk. You know.
Email marketing is what you need to do to grow your business.

Pick your position:

No sweat, though.

Let me help you power those emails from "lost in the flood of 1,637 unread emails," to "consumed in five minutes like a bar of milk chocolate."

Showing up in someone's inbox is like being invited right inside their home - and onto their throw rug.

You have your subscriber’s invitation and attention.

Done right, you can build up their trust and love, and get your send to end in a sale.

The key term, though, is "done right."
Because, my friend, email done wrong will just pinch your list.

But email done right can make your subscribers:

  • Stay subscribed (so they continue to get your goodness)
  • Feel understood (so they actually whitelist you in the those-emails-are-fabulous list)
  • Spend like it’s Black Friday (so they become proud patriots of your brand) 

Emails like I’ve done for these entrepreneurs

With stats like these


And now I want to do it for you.

"She has the copywriting power to write emails that get opened, read, and actually sell."
I have used many copywriters in the past and Hannah beat them all by far! Not only is her writing really different and targeted, but it’s also measurably high-converting. She has the copywriting power to write emails that get opened, read, and actually sell.  I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.
Ari Herskowitz, TYH Group

I need those emails! What does the package look like?

All email sequences include:

1. Research and Discovery.

  • A 60-minute session where we dig deep and get to the roots of your brand to bring out the real stuff. We’ll concretize your target market and clarify the services you’re offering.
  • Researching Voice-of-Customer so we can speak in their language. This includes:
    - A targeted survey sent to your clients/email list
    - Up to 3 customer interviews to get the good stuff. I arrange it, conduct them, and then you get to listen to your clients rave about you.
  • Competitive analysis to see where you stand out amongst your competitors and where you can perform better.

2. Research Brief

  • All those golden nuggets of research and discovery are now beautifully presented to you. It’s a keeper of a document. You’ll refer to it time and again for your messaging basics.

3. Email copy

  • 4 conversion-focused emails that are based on your awesome personality, build that connection, and are highly persuasive to boot
  • One round of revision to get it polished to perfection
Hannah is a dangerously good copywriter.
How do I know? Because with a hit-it-where-it-hurts follow-up email, she nailed my pain points and convinced me to hire her for an email sequence I hadn't been planning on developing just yet.
The best part? She did an awesome job. Not only was her copy tight, effective, and engaging, but working with her was a pleasure: she asks all the right questions, communicates clearly and frequently, and is committed to perfectionizing her work 'til it's...perfect. : )
Hannah is a seriously skilled copywriter. Grab her before she's completely booked out!
Michal Eisikowitz, SaaS & B2B Conversion Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

What's your email solution today?

Welcome/ Nurturing Sequence

Perfect for you if you want to connect with your audience and invest in long-term ROI to keep on building that love and trust factor.
Turn new subscribers into warm, primed-to-buy leads

You get
  • Complete Research Brief
  • 4 compelling, targeted, and oozing
    with-your-personality emails to keep your subscribers toasty and warm
  • Choice of two subject lines per email for A/B testing


Sales Emails

Perfect for you if you want to sell to your audience and  see those dollar bills coming your way!
Turn subscribers into repeat customers.

You get
  • Complete Research Brief
  • 4 stand-alone strategic and persuasive emails to get that "send" to end in a "sale"
  • Choice of two subject lines per email for A/B testing


Monthly Retainer

Perfect for you if a one-off sequence isn’t enough for your business.
Fuel your growth with weekly/biweekly emails

You get
  • Complete Research Brief
  • Weekly/bimonthly engaging and informative emails to keep your subscribers committed to you
  • Choice of two subject lines per email for A/B testing
starts at


per month for 2 emails
Just some real life email snippets in my inbox…
Yes! I want emails that will power my business!

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