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You know you should grow your list.

Everyone’s been telling you that for the past three years.
But somehow, ‘growing my list’ has turned into a low-voltage brain buzz that keeps getting ignored. Maybe you’ve even put it on your Asana list (go, you!), but it’s been bumped to the “eventually” column way too often. 

It’s simple: grow your list = grow your business.

After hearing that

from 247 consultants, you know it has to be true. So why does it sometimes feel harder than working out in the Sahara desert?

We’ve all been there.

  • You need to grab those eyeballs before they blink away
  • You need to get people intrigued enough to want your content
  • You need to capture attention in a frenzied digital jungle of pings, notifications, and swipes

It’s a monkey-bar-worthy feat.
It's hard.

But it's not impossible

What if I can help you generate HUNDREDS of leads, reliably, even if...

- Your email list is poor (or nonexistent)?
- Your budget is tight?
- Your time is limited?

How so, Hannah?

With a customized and effective quiz funnel.

An interactive, find-your-style quiz that leads your ideal client on a journey to find out more about themselves. And at the end, once they’re hooked, they pop in their email address to get their results. 


They have customized results.
You have a list that just got fatter.

Here’s why it works

It’s personal

With a quiz, you’re personalizing the lead magnet according to the target. It’s not another checklist that will land in the same download folder that already contains 4,563 checklists, never to be seen again. It’s got custom recommendations to fit your prospect where they’re at now. And it talks about everyone’s favorite topic: themselves.

It’s specific

You can segment the list according to the results, which means you can market the RIGHT product to the RIGHT prospect. How many “take two minutes to give feedback” surveys have you actually filled out? I’ll bet my pet kitten – not very many. With quizzes, you don’t rely on your audience helping you; you can segment them right off the bat. Now you can email them with messaging that cuts through that noise because it’s actually RELEVANT to them.

It’s engaging

3 out of every 4 people are going to engage in interactive content online. 

Every person has those 4563 checklists that they’ve downloaded and then promptly forgotten about.
Not with a quiz. It’s engaging, it has a fun element, and it holds attention until you have those prized results.

Once you’ve captured their hard-won attention, you can build trust by providing results that make the target say, “Oh, hey, that's me! How’d she know?”

Attention + trust = the perfect equation for a primed-to-buy lead.

Okay. I’m sold.
The quizzes are awesome.
But is this for me?

If any of these sound like you,

then the answer is a resounding "yes!"

The entrepreneur

You’ve been in the online game for some time. 
Your website is performing nicely, and you’ve played around with a couple of lead magnets that have landed you a small list. 
You’re looking to grow your audience, gain visibility, and connect with all those lovely humans.

The course creator 

You have bursting value to provide, and a course is on the up-and-coming. 
But first, you need a warm audience to nurture...which you don’t have. Your current lead magnet isn’t the most popular thing on the internet, it seems.

The email marketer

Segmentation is important to you. 
You’ve done the surveys to coax the info out of your subscribers, but even with the $5 Starbucks incentive, it hasn’t gone over too well.
 You need something to help you segment hassle-free and favor-free.

I've done hyper-specific training by the leader in the industry, to help you make your quiz happen.
"A sales funnel strategist who truly cared about my success."
I've never met a copywriter who throws herself into a business like Hannah. She did a serious deep-dive into my business and researched until she knew it almost better than I do. Working together and following her straightforward process was nothing short of a pleasure. She answered every email promptly and clearly, never missed a deadline, and was simply EASY. No pulling teeth here.
I'm not forgetting the copy. Outstanding. Simply outstanding.But to be more specific, it was targeted, results-driven, and compelling.
And the best part? She over-delivers massively. She didn't just tick the boxes in the contract, she showed me the holes in my system and where I can patch it up. A sales funnel strategist who truly cared about my success.
Leo Gross, Director, YEC Estates

A quiz sounds like something I need. What exactly is included in this?

All quiz funnel packages include:

1. Research and Discovery.

  • A 60-minute session where we dig deep and get to the roots of your brand to bring out the real stuff. We’ll concretize your target market to clarify the services you’re offering.
  • Researching Voice-of-Customer so we can speak in their language. This includes:
    - A targeted survey sent to your clients/email list
              - Up to 3 customer interviews to get the good stuff. I arrange it, conduct them, and then you get to listen to your clients rave about you.
  • Competitive analysis to see where you stand out amongst your competitors and where you can perform better.

2. Research Brief

  • All those golden nuggets of research and discovery are now beautifully presented to you. It’s a keeper of a document. You’ll refer to it time and again for your messaging basics.

3. Sitemap

  • Recommended quiz placement on your site, based on industry research

4. Quiz copy

  • Your quiz handed to you on a silver platter
  •  Two rounds of revisions to make sure you’re nothing less than 100% happy

What's your ideal package?

The Sparklers
You get
  • Comprehensive research brief
  • Targeted, personality-filled copy for 3-5 results pages
  • Choice of two quiz topics-10 detailed questions, with multiple choice answers


The Fireworks
Quiz + Setup
You get
  • Comprehensive research brief
  • Targeted, personality-filled copy for 3-5 results pages
  • Choice of two quiz topics-10 detailed questions, with multiple choice answers
  • Set-up in your chosen quiz platform (No messing around with yet ANOTHER new software.)


The Bonfire
Quiz + Welcome sequence

You get
  • Comprehensive research brief
  • Targeted, personality-filled copy for 3-5 results pages
  • Choice of two quiz topics-10 detailed questions, with multiple choice answers
  • Set-up in your chosen quiz platform (No messing around with yet ANOTHER new software.)
  • Research-based, compelling copy for five follow-up emails that keep your leads engaged long after they’ve clicked "submit."


"Not 100% perfectionism but 110%"
A copywriter on a whole new level.
Working with Hannah was a dream from start to finish.The exhaustive research and data mining she does to produce on-target messaging is just one piece  of her smart and strategic process.What impressed me most was how everything was done with such outstanding professionalism.
But wait, it gets EVEN better. Her customer service is unparalleled; she won’t stop until she’s given you not 100% perfectionism, but 110%. She is fully invested in your success and you feel that all the way.
Malky Schlesinger, Branding specialist at Zinque
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