Your brand X-factor is your ruggedness.

Your brand is outdoorsy and rebellious.
Like an adventurous though slightly dangerous hike, that’s the impression you portray to your audience.

The people that work with you know that you’re the brand that they can expect up-front candidness and no monkey business.

Your brand doppelganger is clearly Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson is a brand known for its ruggedness and rebellion.
Your clients all know that you’re the outdoorsy and go-against-the-crowd type, and they love you for saying the things that no one is brave enough to say.
but that’s just not good enough for your bottom line.

You want the world to connect to your personality

If you’re like so many of the entrepreneurs I know, you’re doing big things with your life. You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and created an empire you’re proud of.
But then comes the hard part:
Putting it into words so it actually sells. 
Words that set you apart from the crowd.
Words that connect you to your audience.

The path to connect with your audience starts with that X-Factor.

It's a common mistake that when you're told, "write with personality", you assume that it has to be the funky, humorous kind.

Spoiler alert: It doesn't.

It does have to be

/01: Chock-full of your OWN personality

So as a doppelgänger of Harley Davidson  ((read: outdoorsy and rugged) you want your messaging to be just that; rugged and out-of-the-typical-box

  • You want to feel it in the emails.
  • You want it to be obvious on your website.
  • You want that vibe EVERYWHERE.

How to inject your *warm personality* into your writing:

  • Write like you would to a close friend, not to a government official. That keeps your language warm and flowing, which is what you want.
  • It’s tempting to check out what the competitor is doing, and get some inspiration. But that’s the first killer of your brand. Chances are your competitor doesn’t have the same personality + vibe as you, and by taking on that style you’re losing your edge in the space. (shame!)
  • Read every piece of writing out loud. Does it sound like you? Or does it sound like a rendition of the 5th Amendment?Not sure? Show it to a trusted friend/advisor and ask them if this sounds like something you’d say. Yes? Fist bump! No? Coffee, and try again!

/02: Consistent

Nothing is worse than all-over-the-place-messaging. It confuses your audience, and confusion is the death of a brand because it means an automatic X-out. 

You want your audience to come to know you, recognize you, and love you, and that doesn’t come with confusion. That comes with clarity.

How to be consistent:

  • Remember this. Every piece of writing is part of your bigger brand. Not only your website and emails but also the *minor* things:

    - An off-the-cuff personal instagram post.
    - Transactional emails
    - A comment on someone’s FaceBook post
    - Your email signature
  • If you’re using a copywriter to handle the writing end of your business (you’re busy + you’re stressed = you want this off your head = I GET YOU!) make sure that they *get* your vibe. Nothing is worse to have your style of writing in some places, their style of writing in other places, and the difference being glaringly obvious.Tip: Ask them to look at your previous pieces
Hannah Lipschutz Copywriter

Hi! Hannah in the house.

British gal here, strategist, and results-obsessed copywriter 

Working with so many entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the struggle to stand out. Because to stand out, you need a unique flavor. 

Hi! Hannah in the house.

British gal here, strategist, and results-obsessed copywriter 

Working with so many entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the struggle to stand out. Because to stand out, you need a unique flavor. 

Here’s the good news:
You have it! You just need to find it and use it.

I ❤ helping entrepreneurs find their unique flavor so they can fly high with it.
I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs use their personalities to:

  • stand out of the crowd (with enormously effective quizzes as a list builder.)
  • connect with the awesome humans on their list ( email for the win! Take that, Zuckerberg. 😉)
  • increase their bottom line because of that connection. (Connection = Trust and Love. Selling your digital course is a no-brainer now!)
And I want to show you how you can do the same.

Keep a (stalky) eye on your inbox to get some cool tips and tricks on how you can use messaging that connects - and that will ultimately boost your bottom line.