Creative professionals: Go from saying "Dayrates don't work for me" to selling a VIP offer with confidence
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If you’re like so many other ecomm brands I work with

you’re dealing with a lot. You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and created an empire you’re proud of.
But then comes the hard part:
Figuring out the marketing.
TikTok vids? Check
Instagram influencers?
Check Check
But if all of these leads are coming into your pipeline with no way to actually retain them, you're just sitting on an endless hamster wheel.
Hannah Lipschutz Copywriter

I get you.
And that’s what I do.

I sell your brand in a powerful way, one that matches the (bold and quirky) / (fun and innovative) / (confident and brave) / fill-in-the-blanks person you are. 

I am straight up obsessed with the psychology of people and what makes YOU special. I’ve been a people-watcher ever since I can remember, because I LOVE to see what makes people tick and how it’s possible to form a connection with an audience through your very own personality.

I get you.
And that’s what I do.

Together with my micro-agency we pore over endless customer research, targeted data and create a retention strategy that is the foundation for anything we write.

I am straight up obsessed with the psychology of people and what makes YOU special. I’ve been a people-watcher ever since I can remember, because I LOVE to see what makes people tick and how it’s possible to form a connection with an audience.

Hannah Lipschutz Copywriter

It’s not just people-watching-abilities that I’ve got in my pocket. 

My eyeballs and brains have been wired to think about what your customer needs to hear and the emails they should be getting

Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars invested in copywriting and email marketing training will do that to you. Some badges for a show-off round: (Indulge me)

Three things you’ve got to know before we’re good to go:


You are so. much. more. than Plain Jane.

I don’t allow vanilla over here. I believe that every person and every brand has a unique flavor, so I don’t accept blah.
We humans crave authenticity, and my goal is to nail your distinctive voice so that you can connect and make that sale.


You want the big picture

I see the big picture because I’m a funnel strategist. It’s not just one email or one ad, it’s all part of the map of your business. 
Working with me means getting a strategist onboard to map out your unique direction. 


You need copy that WORKS

We’ll fill ‘er up with personality, but every piece of copy that comes through here is research-based and strategy-backed. 
You’ll be confident knowing that your messaging is rock-solid and based on proven formulas.

"I felt like she just got me."
Simply put, Hannah over-delivers. She provides top-notch service which makes working with her a seamless experience from beginning to end, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!
She went above and beyond on every level, involving herself in my business to an unbelievable extent. I love how everything was solidly ground in research — she even spoke to my clients directly to gain insight into my business!
But most of all, she figured out my business to the 'T', to the extent that when I read the copy for the first time, it was perfection, because I felt like she just got me.

If you want clear and sharp messaging, based on endless research, but that still sounds like you, Hannah is the person for you. I cannot recommend her enough.
Esti Wolo,
I felt like she just got me.
We talk a lot about how cold emails don’t work.I might have changed my mind. Hannah sent me an email — it was the best email I have ever received. To be blunt, I don’t read emails. I skim. If what you have to say is interesting, I might read a few words. Maybe. But somehow this person I’ve never met got me to read almost EVERY SINGLE WORD of an email. I was so impressed I booked a call with Hannah, even though what she was offering hadn’t even been on my radar. Consider me officially impressed.
Sivan Felder, Chief Video Marketing Officer at Two Heads Consulting
Hannah is everything you need in a copywriter.
She maps out the entire process in a crystal clear way so that you know exactly what's happening at every stage of the game — you're never left hanging in the dark. And then let's talk about the actual copy. Delivered to the T with confidence and clarity. Every detail backed up with exhaustive research and solid proof. Engaging and compelling copy. In a nutshell, she took the entire headache off us and then over-delivered, wowing us in every way.
Estie Rubin, CEO, SoMad Partners
Hannah is a super-talented and creative sharpshooter.
She got to know the business in an impressive way, digging deep until she really understood us. She then produced a thoughtful, engaging, and targeted email sequence. Not only that, but she went above and beyond, following through until everything was launched and all the boxes were checked. It's been nothing short of a pleasure working with Hannah.
Joseph Tropper, Core Wellness
A copywriter on a whole new level.
Working with Hannah was a dream from start to finish.The exhaustive research and data mining she does to produce such on-target messaging is just an example of her smart and strategic process.And what impressed me the most, was how everything was done with such impressive professionalism.
But wait, it gets EVEN better. Her customer service is unparalleled, she won’t stop until she’s given you not 100% perfectionism, but 110%. She is fully invested in your success and you feel that all the way.
Malky Schlesinger, Founder, Zinque Studio
She makes it sound just like me — only dialed up masterfully!
I absolutely love working with Hannah simply because she GETS it. She understands me and my business so clearly, and nails my voice perfectly. I was worried about my copy 'not having my voice', but she makes it sound just like me — only dialed up masterfully!I especially appreciate how timely she is. She has an unbelievable work ethic, going to the ends of the earth to get things done to perfection. Everything is delivered on time, and it's always superbly done.
Renee Wengrofsky, JSN Consultants
She is an expert who applies herself diligently and produces copy that converts.
Working with Hannah has been a real positive experience! Her professional copy, combined with her smooth process really made me feel confident about the copy. She is an expert who applies herself diligently and produces copy that converts. I would highly recommend you working with Hannah.
Fradel Levin, Founder, Harbour Finance

Wouldn't it be dreamy to work with a team who:

makes that connection between you and your audience?

(they’re hungry for it)

creates fresh and dynamic email flows?

(that people actually read)

can actually help you retain your customers?

(good for the bottom line)