“This sounds like something my business could use.”
So now what?

I’ve hammered out my process to a perfectly-efficient, foolproof science.

#1: Time to chat

We’ll jump on a 20-minute call to see if your project and my copy brains are a good fit.

You'll tell me all about your pet frog unique brand and project needs.

I’ll listen carefully, ask some questions, and gain a firm understanding of what you need to boost your business.

We’ll talk about timelines, goals, and dates,

and before we wrap up, we each get to decide if this is a Hansel-and-Gretel match.
If it is, I’ll send you a customized project proposal. In that proposal you’ll find a comprehensive list of deliverables, a general timeline, and a project quote.

#2: Let’s get this show on the road

Once you’ve signed that proposal and paid a 50% deposit, I’ll zap out some time for your introductory discovery session.

This is where hyper-focused targeted research happens. Research in the form of:

- An exhaustive branding questionnaire
- A 60-minute discovery session in the zoom room
- Thorough market research + competitor analysis
- Careful review of all customer feedback in the form of reviews, chat logs, and surveys
- 2-3 customer interviews to get the gold.

There will be lots of questions, and lots of magnifying data to get to the heart of what your customers want from you and what they love about you.

By the time we’re done with this, you‘ll have a vivid picture of what your ideal client looks like. You’ll know their daily routine, and even how often they check their phone! We’ll zone in on those distressing pain points so that you can offer your solution in the best possible way.

All that solid info will be summarized in one beautiful research summary. 
This document will be the base for all the copy and for all your future marketing needs.
You’ll want to keep and refer to this time and again as your
branding brief.

(And don’t you worry, if it’s coffee-stained by the time we’re done, I’ll give you a new one. On the house!)

#3: Here’s where
we double down

The research brief gets approved by you and then the copy can finally take shape.

This is your time to do what you do best or what you love. Designing mansions? Selling real-estate? Paragliding? (↩️ That’s on my bucket list. 😊)

Armed with a coffee in each hand, I create, shape, and form your vision. It’s all eyes on the screen until a beautiful, clear GDoc emerges.

You then get a front-row seat (bring along the popcorn!) in watching your vision come to life as I present the first draft to you.

#4: It’s pefectionizing time

We have a fabulous first draft, but I want to get it perfect for you. Two rounds of revisions are next up on the list; AKA time for editing and re-editing until your copy is flawless.

If we’re working on copy that needs the design element (think quizzes or sales pages), I’m all about collab’ing. That means I’ll work with the designer and developer to make sure the copy is presented in the best way possible. I would never leave you hanging! And so after it’s been designed, I’ll give it a once-over to make sure we’ve checked all the boxes.

#5: Here's where we do a (virtual) high-five!

. . . And wrap it up with a big red bow. I send you the final deliverable, you deposit the remaining 50%, and you get to bling it across social media. Let the world know who you are, and you can be PROUD because your business is now remarkably well represented.

And that’s that!

If clink-worthy success sounds good to you... 
If sharp, focused messaging sounds good to you...
If making more money sounds good to you...

. . .You might need a dangerously good copywriter on your team.
Now's your time to

schedule a free 20-min consult